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Ice Cubicle.

Been chilling at my desk today thinking of more dumb ideas for graphics and our plans for 2017. Which also made me think; are full length skateboard videos dead? I mean, for the most part? I know there will always be the few that need to happen like Spirit Quest or whatever, but for small companies like this one, does it even make sense? Attention spans are shot. Certain sites are flooding the world with snackable content and full parts every day. People forget about videos immediately after viewing them. It's madness. I have been wrestling with the idea of a full video for The Friend Ship for a minute, but is there even a point anymore?

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that there's a sale in the shop right now. 15% off anything you order with the promo code TFSXMAS from now until December 31st. Also, any order will receive a 5 panel logo hat and a curb scouts pin. That's a pretty amazing deal.

So stop filming yourself in your driveway and get to shopping!

Later nerds. -Tim

Posted by Paul Mans on

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