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New Shit, Different Day.

ISM 5 - The Friend Ship Skateboards



Yant Good Doggy 8.75" - The Friend Ship Skateboards

Yant Good Doggy 8.75"

Sold Out

Half Mast - The Friend Ship Skateboards

Half Mast



Hello again, hello.

Dudes. Ladies. How the heck are you not riding one of these? I strongly suggest you try one. In fact, I want you to ride one so bad, I will give you free grip tape. So, go shop and make me proud. Love y'all.


New New New New

If you haven't noticed, we have some new new in the store. Limited quantities as usual, so don't hesitate to smash that add to cart button. Love y'all!

Media Alert

I somehow got most of the team to come to The Berrics and let me film them flopping around.

Here's the proof!

Later, nerds.


The 'Gram